Why are German people a healthy community?

Being healthy makes one enjoy life and achieve set out goals. Having a healthy body depends on one’s lifestyle. The king of job, the food we eat, our daily routine directly or indirectly affects our health. It is said that “we are what we”, this is a verified fact since what we eat either builds or destroys our body. If you want to become healthier, you will make sure you have a lot of vitamins in your diet. One way to achieve that is by getting vitamin supplements. You can read reviews about eVitamins and other healthy food company in Germany on Erfahrungenscout to know the opinion of the locals in the country about a company before patronizing them. Germany as a country tends to have one of the highest sets of healthy people in the world report shows that two-thirds of the German population are in good health, below are reasons why most of Germany is ranked amongst the world’s healthiest countries.

·Food and diet

Germans tend to have a passion for organic food. A food is termed organic if it is grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or bioengineered genes. Organic food is grown naturally without the influence of chemicals. Organic foods are healthy, packed with nutrients needed for the body. Organic foods are more expensive because they are time and labour-intensive and requires pesticides that are made with natural substances. To ensure you get organic foods it’s always written on the pack, if the produce is organic, the code is written with five digits beginning with 9 while non-organic foods have for digits.


The German healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world. Germany has a well-structured healthy system with qualified Physicians and the latest technology used in hospitals. The healthcare system uses an insurance policy which makes it easy for citizens to access medical care whenever it is needed.

·Sports and daily activities

Germans are known to have an interesting lifestyle that keeps them active and on the go. The following are activities they involve in.

  1. Walking and cycling: Germans tend to go about their daily activities walking or cycling instead of the convenience of using a car. Walking cycling is a good way of keeping the body healthy as it tends to increase cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength and flexibility, decrease stress level, strengthen bones, decrease body fat levels, improve posture and coordination. So instead of using a bus or taxi for trek able distances, consider going by foot or a bike.
  2. Hiking: This is very popular among the German communities the country has a great landscape and fair weather that encourages hiking. Most Germans take this as a weekend activity, they tend to go hiking in a group or in pairs. Hiking improves osteoarthritis outcomes.
  3. Cultural activities and sports: sporting activities are common in Germany. There is about 90,000 sports club in the country with 27million members. These sport clubs have different sporting activities such as swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, and much more. They also indulge their members in gyms. The sporting activities not only help to keep the body fit and healthy, but it is also a medium to meet new people and make a new friend. Making new friends connects one to other ways of creating happiness and integrate into the local communities.
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