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If someone told you it’s possible tax Refund Related Products claim back some money which you had spent while shopping in Paris, would you? Surprisingly enough most think it’s too much effort to fill in a few forms before you leave the country for a French VAT tax refund. What is French VAT TAX VAT Tax is actually paid in over 140 countries around the world and is similar to GST or Sales Tax.

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This tax is usually included in the price on the label and is not added once at the cash register. It’s typically added onto goods and services to raise money which will helps fund the French government’s budget needs.Who Can Claim VAT TAX Refund In order to be eligible for a VAT tax refund there are a few requirements that must be met. What Items Can You Claim Refunds can only be claimed on goods which are a retail purchase and they must not be acquired for commercial reasons.

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How To Claim VAT TAX As with most things in France there is a little bit of paperwork involved. Most stores will have a copy of this form however it is possible to get a copy at the French airport from where you are exiting the EU.Large retailers such as Galleries Lafayette and Printemps have a designated VAT refund desk or office’s where you can acquire and process the Detaxe form. Processing your transaction at a refund counter means that you can get money back immediately if all eligibility requirements have been met.

You will still need it stamped by customs and put in the mailbox within 6 months of purchase or possibly face a fine.

VAT refund form and keep the sales receipt. Before airport check in, complete the form and have it stamped by a customs officer at one of the airport locations listed below.France takes a lot of time to process anything. Train stations may not have a customs office so you will have to use third party companies such as Global Refund or Premier Tax Free to claim your refund.

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